Info days in primary schools

Marking World Water Day and International Day of Forests, as part of the project activity Awareness raising, from 19th to 21st of March 2018 info days were held in primary schools “Antun and Stjepan Radić” in Gunja, “Ivan Filipović” in Račinovci and in three primary schools in Šid municipality which is one of the areas most affected by floods in 2014.

Over 120 teachers and students from 1st to 4th grade participated in both schools in Croatia. Educations were conducted through short presentations and workshops with teachers and students. In the introductory part, project team members Karolina Horvatinčić from Institute for Development and International Relations, Danijel Cestarić from Hrvatske šume and Vedrana Alilović from Hrvatske vode presented the project and held short presentations about water and flood protection, as well as the importance of forests and sustainable forest management. Workshops were held after the introductory part. Students learned about the importance of forests and water and the preservation of the environment through music, art, literary, ceramic and recital workshops. Info days ended with presentations of students’ works, distribution of promotional material and socializing during lunch.

A total of 140 students participated in three primary schools in Serbia in villages Višnjevo, Jamena and Morović. The results of the project were presented, promotional materials were distributed (t-shirts, caps, backpacks and jackets) and it was discussed about the importance of forests, challenges facing forestry in the 21st century as well as challenges related to future schooling (career counseling). The main lecturer was doc. dr. Dejan Stojanović from the University of Novi Sad, Institute for Lowland Forestry and Environment, while MSc. Laza Kresić from the same Institute participated in the programme as well as primary school teachers.

The main objective of this activity was to inform the population in both border areas about the importance of flood protection and wildlife preservation and to stimulate cross-border cooperation with special focus on students in local schools.