Info days for High School Students

In April, as part of the project activity Awareness raising, fieldwork was organized for high school students in order to inform them about the importance of flood protection and wildlife preservation.

Students from Agricultural Forestry School Vinkovci attended the practical exercise in Morović. Practical exercise was organized by PE Vojvodinašuma, and students observed the construction of the temporary dike with sandbags which could be useful for them in crisis situations.

During the fieldwork, students visited serbian part of Spačva forest pool, which is a part of the GJ Bosut forest and were introduced with all the phases of nature resources management in Serbia. Although it is the same forest complex, the forest management differs from the one in Croatia. Zvonko Abjanović (manager at Forestry Sremska Mitrovica) explained differences in forest renewal which are combined with agrotechnical interventions. They visited refrigeration systems for forest reproductive material, which serves for storage of seeds and cuttings, where it can be stored for a year. Students also visited the pumping station Bosut which regulates the water flow of rivers Sava and Bosut.

Info days finished at the end of April in Vinkovci when a similar visit was organized for students of “Food, Forestry and Chemical High School” from Sremska Mitrovica. Students visited fences shelters for deer in Vrbanja Forestry, built as part of the project activity. In addition, they had the opportunity to visit the forest reserve “Lože” in the forestry Otok and they learned about forest management carried out by Hrvatske šume. In the end, students visited the Forestry Museum in Bošnjaci where ForestFlow project was presented to them.