42 deer reintroduced in Spačva forests

14 deer and 28 does were released in Spačva forests on 15th of February 2018, as part of the project activity Reintroduction of wildlife and constructing supporting facilities for wildlife reintroduction. This activity will directly contribute to the fulfilment of specific project objective, which will ensure preservation of biodiversity in sites of high environmental and landscape value.

The total contract value was 546.900 kn, and deer were released in fenced shelters in two stages. First was near Hunting Lodge Spačva in Vrbanja forest office, and second in Strošinci forest office. The deer were released in fenced shelters so that they would adapt easier to the new environment. They will be situated here for at least three months after which they will be released to move freely.

All the deer have two ear tags and 12 of them have telemetry collars, that cost 80.440 kn, which will enable their monitoring and movement in nature. These data will significantly help in better understanding of seasonal migration of deer.

Project partners will select the responsible person who will take care of the deer and ensure successful implementation of the project activity. Also supporting facilities will be maintained with funds secured within their annual budgets.

Within project activities, two fenced shelters were constructed, total value 349.000 kn, and two watering wells with solar pump, total value 98.600 kn, which will supply water for deer. Such wells that work on the principle of solar pumps are self-sufficient and do not need any battery, because solar panels directly run the pump when the water level drops down, which is detected by a built-in float with sensor.

Fenced shelters will serve to connect deer to each other and to let deer grow familiar with the new environment. It will consist of feeding place, watering and observation towers to monitor the movement of wildlife. After adaption, the observation of deer movement will continue by telemetry collar and through field observation.

The objective of this activity is to restore a vital population of deer living freely in the cross-border area. Experts predict that the complete adjustment of deer will take two years, and the total cost of this activity is 1.074.940 kn.